After knocking: Picturing youth itineraries

Look at me and explain „who do you want to be in ten years?”. „I want to be a famous professor, living abroad. I want to publish a book and I want to give lectures.” R. dresses like a bohemian teen and behaves like a college graduate. He helped me a lot to get accepted in the classroom, whether he actively contributed to my conversation classes or talked to me in the corridors. I realised soon he is the most self-conscious student in that class about his future. In order to achieve his goals he participated in international school projects, in which he showcased either his social or language skills.

In spite of this I would have been interested in R. behind his future plans, R. behind his competences. I was curious about the bohemian too. When I started my mental mapping project and asked my classes to draw a sketch of Riga, I think I got closer to his present. To the guy who takes tram no. 6 next to the National Theater. Who meets up with his friends at Laima clock. Who likes fast food restaurant MadBurger. Who is the fan of the Dinamo Riga ice hockey team. Whose wardrobe is full with H&M clothes. Who feels himself safe at home. Just like his classmates…, who were soaking in their present. During describing their itineraries in the downtown and fragmented concerns about the city, I learned their present is as arousing as their future.

In this ethnographic project seventy-three students produced seventy-five mental maps. Yeah, two pupils drew two maps, suggesting „Riga is so worth to explore, Csaba.” Could a teacher wish more involvement? I was happy to see these „future professors” chewing on their pencils. They are teenagers… And nothing is wrong with this. Here I present the best examples from this project. IMG_20150601_0001-page-001 IMG_20150601_0002-page-001 IMG_20150601_0003-page-001 IMG_20150601_0004-page-001 IMG_20150601_0005-page-001 IMG_20150601_0006-page-001 IMG_20150601_0007-page-001 IMG_20150601_0008-page-001 IMG_20150601_0009-page-001 IMG_20150601_0010-page-001 IMG_20150601_0011

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